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Welcome to Orthodox Fellowship @ Abu Sefein Coptic Orthodox Church in Rhodes, Sydney. The Fellowship is a collection of English meetings and ministries aimed at the edification of all those involved. Our aim is to strive for Orthodox fellowship and unity. Orthodoxy is not merely a religion, but who we are, what we think and our very mode of existence. Primarily, this site is to help communicate and promote the Orthodox way of life with the English speakers of our Parish.

So if you want to come along and share in our fellowship visit us at Saint Mary and Saint Merkorious (Abu Sefein) Coptic Orthodox Church, Rhodes.

If you would like to add anything to this site or any suggestions, please notify us.


  • On the 15 June the parish will be hosting a dinner after evening vespers at 6pm. The youth will be contributing dessert for this dinner. Please speak to Lydia and Monica N for more questions.

  • This Sunday is the Feast of Pentecost. We will be refurbishing the Church after Liturgy. Please speak to Veronica for more information.

  • On 28 June, we will be hosting the next combined North-Youth meeting, starting at 8pm.

  • Bible Study camp will be on 26-28 July. Speak to Sam for more details

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Weekly Saying from the Fathers


 Whatever the soul may think fit to do itself, whatever care and pains it may take, relying only upon its own power, and thinking to be able to effect a perfect success by itself, without the co-operation of the Spirit, it is greatly mistaken. It is of no use for the heavenly places; it is of no use for the kingdom - that soul, which supposes that it can achieve perfect purity of itself, and by itself alone, without the Spirit. Unless the man who is under the influence of the passions will come to God, denying the world, and will believe with patience and hope to receive a good thing foreign to his own nature, namely the power of the Holy Spirit, and unless the Lord shall drop upon the soul from on high the life of the Godhead, such a man will never experience true life, will never recover from the drunkenness of materialism; the enlightenment of the Spirit will never shine in that benighted soul, or kindle in it a holy daytime; it will never awake out of that deepest sleep of ignorance, and so come to know God of a truth through God's power and the efficacy of grace.

- St Macarius the Great


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