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Welcome to Orthodox Fellowship @ Abu Sefein Coptic Orthodox Church in Rhodes, Sydney. The Fellowship is a collection of English meetings and ministries aimed at the edification of all those involved. Our aim is to strive for Orthodox fellowship and unity. Orthodoxy is not merely a religion, but who we are, what we think and our very mode of existence. Primarily, this site is to help communicate and promote the Orthodox way of life with the English speakers of our Parish.

So if you want to come along and share in our fellowship visit us at Saint Mary and Saint Merkorious (Abu Sefein) Coptic Orthodox Church, Rhodes.

If you would like to add anything to this site or any suggestions, please notify us.


  • There is no Fellowship meeting on 3 May because of camp. See you the following week

  • On the 15 June we will be holding a feast in the Courthouse, after evening vespers at 6pm. Speak to Tamer for more details

  • On 28 June, we will be hosting the next combined North-Youth meeting

  • Bible Study camp will be on 26-28 July. Speak to Sam for more details

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Weekly Saying from the Fathers


The root of all good works is the hope of the Resurrection; for the expectation of the recompense nerves the soul to good works. For every labourer is ready to endure the toils, if he sees their reward in prospect; but when men weary themselves for nought, their heart soon sinks as well as their body. A soldier who expects a prize is ready for war, but no one is forward to die for a king who is indifferent about those who serve under him, and bestows no honours on their toils. In like manner every soul believing in a Resurrection is naturally careful of itself; but, disbelieving it, abandons itself to perdition. He who believes that his body shall remain to rise again, is careful of his robe, and defiles it not with fornication; but he who disbelieves the Resurrection, gives himself to fornication, and misuses his own body, as though it were not his own. Faith therefore in the Resurrection of the dead, is a great commandment and doctrine of the Holy Catholic Church; great and most necessary, though gainsaid by many, yet surely warranted by the truth. 

- St Cyril of Jerusalem


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