We are the English members of Abu Sefein Church


This website is not only for the youth, but all people who wish to worship and unit in fellowship. We have many servants that assist and serve the English members of our parish. Come say hello to us, we are either around the English Church or the Courthouse (the house behind the basketball courts).


Selvana Awad

Monica Tadros

Monica Nakhla

Steven Rezkalla

Veronica Nakhla

Shady Kirollos

Sarah Habib

Sam Zaki

Diana Zaki

Olivia Tawdrous

Melissa Ghaly

Lydia Malek

Kyro Louka

David Rizkalla

Tamer Morris

Amir Nickolla

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St Mary and St Merkorious (Abu Sefein) Coptic Orthodox Church

2 Cavell Ave, Rhodes, 2138


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