Hosanna to the Son of David!

O the absurdity of Your majesty,O the sublimity of your beauty.



O You the one who enters a city and enlivens it with Your glory. Quicken me, O You who with Your voice wrenched the soul of Lazarus from the clutches of Hades, from it's very bowels.

Enter into my depths, my mind, my heart and my reins - just as You filled the depths of darkness with Light, fill my depths with Life!

Hail to You, who has filled all with Your majestic glory! Hail to You, who has shown us the way to life! Hail to You, who has become our Archetype!

Glory to You who has coloured life with Your Light! Glory to You who has opened our eyes to Your Wonder! Glory to You who has touched all with Your Divinity!

We worship Your life-giving death! We worship Your humble kingship! We worship Your glorious curse!

O Lord, the God-man who approached the stench of this world and confronted it's corruption at the tomb of Your friend Lazarus, turn us, O You the one who befriended man, from the stink of death to the sweet savour of Your unapproachable beauty.

O You who vanquished Corruption! O You who harrowed Hades! O You who conquered Death, obliterate our death!


Woe is you O Jerusalem, who rejected the one whom Hades recognised and could not withstand! Wow is you O Jerusalem, who did not see her King who had come to you willingly! Woe is you O Jerusalem, who has been supplanted by the wild branch!

Rejoice O new Jerusalem! Rejoice O new Creation! Rejoice O splendid bride, for your Bridegroom is coming, arrayed with sorrow, yet rejoicing in His Love.

Your bridegroom comes riding on a donkey!

The table is laden, the guests are arriving, the feast is neigh, the wedding is at the doors. The voice of those who unceasingly rejoice and celebrate at the wedding feast rings out - "O You who descended from on high, O You who is from Nazareth, who has shaken the lowest depths of hell to rescue us, open our eyes to see, our ears to hear and the eyes of our intellect to understand Your abundant love!

Hosanna In the Highest! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Save us O Son of David! Save us O vanquisher of Death! Save us O Victorious King!

In the abounding Love of Christ,

Alexander Aziz

Sunday, 5 February 2015 - 27 Baramhat 1731

The Glorious Entrance of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem