Praise be to Him, who recreates all!

Today, we stand at the banks of the Jordan in awe of the Creator of all, who took upon Himself Flesh and identified Himself as one with His Creation!

Today, we gaze in wonder, as the one who Created all Mankind, accepted to be baptised by His Creation!

Today, we contemplate in sublime amazement as the One through Whom all things came to be, entered and was submerged into the raging waters of the Jordan!

Glory be to the Creator of all!

Today, we are illuminated as the One who came in divine humility, is revealed as the Son of the Most High!

Today, we are enlightened as through the waters we are able to comprehend the adoption and sonship given to us through He, Who submitted to the hand of the Forerunner and Baptist!

Today, we are gifted with the revelation of the Seal of our Perfection, in Whom we are transformed, transfigured and glorified through Him who entered the waters on our behalf!

Glory be to the One who before the beginning of time, fashioned our salvation!

Today, we are able to cross over from the wilderness of this world, across the uncrossable Jordan, into the promise land, through He who filled the Jordan with His recreating presence!

Today, we are shown the way, given the authority and ushered into the new age of regeneration!

Today, the path to the Kingdom has become clear! - gaze at the sublimity of the manifestation of Our God, the All-Holy, Undivided and Life-giving Trinity!

Glory be to the One, who through His astounding humility causes us to be glorified.

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Today, the Heavens are opened and the path of repentance finds its completion in the Promise Land.

Today, the angels prepare to mystically minister to the One who in Himself carries all humanity.

Today, the wilderness loses its authority and is flooded by the rejuvenating and life-givingwaters of the Jordan.

Today, we are shown our goal, our life, our fulfilment.

Today, He who is unseen, was heard, heralding Himself as Father, calling all to enter into the grace of being His children.

Today, He who is the Ancient of Days, who became a little Child for our sake, is witnessed to, by His Father as the beloved Only-Begotten Son.

Today, the Most Holy and Life-Giving Spirit comes and captures our gaze, guiding us to the One in whom all things find their being.

Glory be to You, O All-Holy, Undivided and Life-Giving Trinity!

Today the forerunner, foreordained from the womb of his mother, come face to face with He who caused him to leap in joy and expectation.

Today the forerunner, in amazement, truly understands, in wonderment the Mystery to which he was but a messenger and forerunner.

Today the forerunner, gives an ultimate testament of the greatness of the Humility of God, in mimicking the Humility of His Master and proclaiming - “I need to be baptized by You, and are You coming to me?”

Today, the creature, is blessed by His creator.

Today, creation, human and natural, is called to work in synergy with God.

Glory to you O Most blessed Forerunner, John the Baptist, the greatest amongst those born of women!

The Voice of the Psalmist, in times gone by, cries out,

“The sea saw it and fled;
Jordan turned back.
The mountains skipped like rams,
The little hills like lambs.
What ails you, O sea, that you fled?
O Jordan, that you turned back?
O mountains, that you skipped like rams?
O little hills, like lambs?
 Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord,
At the presence of the God of Jacob,
 Who turned the rock into a pool of water,
The flint into a fountain of waters”
(Psalm 114)

Today, the glorious Church calls out to the ailed Jordan,

Rejoice like the lambs, O Jordon and its shores, 
for unto you came the Lamb, who carries the sin of the world.
(Coptic Verses of the Cymbals for the Feast of Theophany)

The sea has seen and fled, and the Jordan turned away backwards, 
O sea why have you fled, stand firm that you may be blessed!
(First Coptic Doxology for the Feast of Theophany)

The only-begotten God, came to the Jordan, 
and the portrait that was destroyed, and ruined by sin,
He restored it once again, by the baptism of water, 
He demolish the head of the dragon, upon the water of the Jordan.
(Second Coptic Doxology for the Feast of Theophany)

Rejoice, O faithful, for today the heads of the dragons, which resided in the waters have been defeated!

The waters, created in the beginning to bring forth life, have in the past brought about death and destruction upon humanity.

Finally, the Word who brought the waters out of His treasury in the beginning, now bestows His Life-givinggrace to them, bringing them back to their original beauty with His Spirit who himself hovered over the primordial waters in the beginning, now resting on Him through Whom, and for whom, all things were made.

Hail to the Jordan, who accepted to receive in her, One of the Trinity so that we may come to know all Three!

Hail to the Jordan, in whose water, we now enter into to become illuminated.

Hail to the Jordan, in whose water the head of the great serpent of old was overcome, that it may lead us into the joys of the Promise Land - the Church - communion with Him who is the Reigning King!

Let us rejoice today, as we we stand at the banks of the Jordan, who has been released from her groaning!

Let us rejoice today, as we see the Lamb of God, coming to take away the sin, death and corruption of the world!

Let us rejoice today, as we hear the Voice of the Father, proclaiming the adoption given to all men through His Beloved Son!

Let us rejoice today, as we witness the Holy Spirit, the dove, who proclaims the peace of God with Men, who had come at the receding of the waters of the Flood, now resting on He, the God-Man, with whom we are graced with union!

Let us rejoice today, as we see the glorious manifestation of the All Holy Trinity!

Let us rejoice today, as we dive into the Mysteries of Salvation!

Let us rejoice today, as we prepare to walk steadily towards the Tree of Life, with He who carried us through the Jordan!