Praise be to the One who United us to Himself

The fullness of time is at hand!
The Light has come to those who were sitting in Darkness.
The Dayspring form on High has illuminated all, shining forth from within the darkness of a cave.

Glory to you O young Child of the Manger!
Glory to you O Ancient of Days - O eternal!

O Word of God, pre-existent, who by the utterance of the Father brought all things into being,
O You who was impressed on us as an Image, bestowing upon us Your divine knowledge of Your Father - Glory be to You!

Glory be to You, who sought Adam in the Garden
Who sought Cain after his treachery
Who sought Noah from amid the corruption of the world,
Who sought Abraham from amongst his kin,
Who sought Lot from the midst Sodom,
Who sought Isaac from the barrenness of his mother's womb,
Who sought Jacob from his plight,
Who sought Moses from the land of Egypt and called out to him from the Burning Bush - speaking to Him your Divine name, making Him a sharer in the knowledge of Your person.

O You who revealed yourself at all times and in all places, chasing a bride who continued to flee.
O You who never sought to destroy but to return, renew and restore.
O You who filled all with your divinity by Your joining with our humanity.- join us to Yourself, accept from us the unworthy, our gifts, which You so lavishly bestowed upon us.

O You of whom the prophets spoke,
O You of whom the law revealed but a shadow of Your goodness
O You of whom all of creation joyfully exclaims Your beauty, Your wonder, Your love- shine unto us the light of Your reason, infuse within us the intimate knowledge of Your Father.

O You who was recognised by the ox and the donkey,
O You towards whom the Magi journeyed,
O You of whom the shepherds testified to all,
Come now, shine forth upon Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh, save your people, bless Your inheritance, stir up your strength.

O what a great Mystery, God the Eternal, born in the Flesh!
O the Wonder of Your Love - Glory be to Your self-emptying!
Glory be to You of Lover of Man, Glory to You who in the silence of the Night, caused the heavens to burst out into song. Glory to You who in the darkness of winter lit up the sky with your star. Glory to You who taught those who studied the stars of the breaking of a new day!

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O You who in the beginning planted for us the tree of life and guarded it when we were too weak to approach and eat, guide us now to the life giving wood, that we may boldly approach and pluck from its laden branches and eat the fruit of eternity!

Join us to Yourself through our partaking of Your Flesh and Blood, which You made for Yourself in the womb of the Virgin, O You the creator and maker of all! Guide us towards the knowledge of Your divinity! Let us abide in You and You in us in Your Love.

Quicken us and fill us with the desire of you!
Heal us O Physician of all from our fallenness!

Unite us to Yourself!
Reveal to us the glory of Your Humble Majesty!
Fill us with the Hymn which is from on High!
Give us the voice to be able to cry out -

"Glory to God in the Highest, Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Men!"

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!