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Welcome to Orthodox Fellowship @ Abu Sefein Coptic Orthodox Church in Rhodes, Sydney. The Fellowship is a collection of English meetings and ministries aimed at the edification of all those involved. Our aim is to strive for Orthodox fellowship and unity. Orthodoxy is not merely a religion, but who we are, what we think and our very mode of existence. Primarily, this site is to help communicate and promote the Orthodox way of life with the English speakers of our Parish.

So if you want to come along and share in our fellowship visit us at Saint Mary and Saint Merkorious (Abu Sefein) Coptic Orthodox Church, Rhodes.

If you would like to add anything to this site or any suggestions, please notify us.


  • Don’t forget to book your spot in our annual Fellowship camp, 3-5 May. Please speak to Monica Nakhla for more details

  • Also, let Tamer know if you want a camp hoodie. Last day to let him know is Tuesday 23 April.

Whats going on...?

Our English services

Weekly Saying from the Fathers


At the Birth of the Son the king was enrolling all men for the tribute-money, that they might be debtors to Him: the King came forth to us Who blotted out our bills, and wrote another bill in His own Name that He might be our debtor. The sun gave longer light, and foreshadowed the mystery by the degrees which it had gone up. It was twelve days since it had gone up, and to-day is the thirteenth day: a type exact of the Son's birth and of His Twelve...

The darkness was overcome, that it might proclaim that Satan was overcome; and the sun gave longer light, that it might triumph, because the First-born was victorious. Along with the darkness the dark one was overcome, and with the greater light our Light conquered!

- Hymns on the Nativity, Ephrem the Syrian


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